Mellow Monday beautiful humans!!Are you ready to tackle the new week?

Well, here is something to keep your mood lovely and smiling all through the week featuring this Ankara slit maxi skirt. What I love most about the skirt is the zippered detail on the slit.

Outfit details

Body suit ~old (Mum’s)

Skirt ~Tailor made

Make- up by Touch By Laura

Photography by Crystal Pictures

The slit adds an extra edge to the outfit and the zippered detail makes it even more extra and versatile. On the days that I want to be modest,I could zip it up or zip it down when I want to show some leg.

“I am not African because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me.”

Kwame Nkrumah

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Bustier tops were traditionally hidden under outfits or reserved for the bedroom.

But they have somehow found their way out of their and onto the runways. They have taken over the street style and come in every shade, silhouette and neckline. They are trendy, sexier and feminine and can be paired with everything from oversized white shirts to maxi skirts, pencil skirts, pants and shorts.

Outfit details

Black Pants~Gifted

Bustier top~Serinda Fashions

White shirt~Thrift

Make- up by Touch By Laura

Photography by Crystal Pictures

Getting my bustier in a floral print was a win for me because floral prints are everthing.For this look I paired mine with my black pants which  I’ve worn way more than I care to admit. The mid-rise waistline of these pants and stretchy fabric makes them ultra-flattering and perfect for wearing all day.

Fashion Tip. In the case that you are conscious of showing too much skin then you can always throw on a top to get more coverage.

Have you tried taking your bustier out of the bedroom and onto the streets, let me know in the comment section.?

“I will persist until I succeed. I was not delivered in this world into defeat, nor does failure course my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I am a lion and I refuse to talk, walk and to sleep with the sheep. I will persist until I succeed.

Og Mandino


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Happy Tuesday terrific humans.

Sorry that there have been fewer posts than normal recently-Quite honestly I was ironing out some techie details for the blog and I needed to put some serious effort into that …Normal programming should return from now on!

The key to starting of the day on a good note is getting the right outfit ready the night before.

I usually plan my weekly outfits in advance to avoid the morning confusion and madness.I try out all outfits before-hand to make sure they all come together without last-minute surprises.

Looking impeccable, I feel empowered to tackle the tasks I have throughout the day. Being smart can always elevate your mood and pump up your energy levels to face the day.


Outfit details

Skirt~Boutique along the CBD

Coat and Camisole~C & K Boutique

Strappy heels~same here.

Make- up by Touch By Laura.

Photography by Crystal Pictures.

Today’s look is sassy and sophisticated. I enjoy having fun with my outfits hence the infusion of colors and patterns.

Fashion tip: Always wear at least one statement piece, clash styles, use a classy look for a start base and then add items according to your personality and job.

May your week be full of grace.

 ‘If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.’

H.G. Wells

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Previously sweatpants or jogger pants were reserved for lounging around the house.

However over the years they have fast risen to become a staple in every wardrobe.

Outfit details

Sweat pants~Thrift

T shirt~Brother’s wardrobe

Strappy heels~Same here

Make- up by Mshy make-up

Photography by Kruz Photography

I love sweatpants as they are uber comfortable, soft and cozy. In fact I think they are the most comfortable piece of clothing out here. They can even be worn to work, provided:

  • you strike a balance between regular day wear pieces with sweatpants.
  • You work in a place with zero dress code.

I have worn them to work on several occasions – but not on the days that I am to  meet with outside clients. This look combines the casual elements of a soft, weathered grey sweatpant, with a distressed edgy t-shirt and a pop of color on my feet.

Before I sign out here are a few tips on how you can update your sweat pants and rock them to work (provided it is allowed):

#1.Make sure they are slim and not sloppy.

#2.Go for basics-Solid colors i.e. black and navy blue should top the list.

#3.Style them with classics: sophisticated heels, or pointed toe flats, timeless button down, fancy blouses and edgy accessories.

#4.Make sure the material is on the thin side.

#5.Keep them simple. The plainer the pants the better.

#6.Always consider the office dress code.

What is your opinion on sweatpants?Do you see yourself rocking them to the office?Let me know below.

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

Albert  Einstein


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Whom/What comes to mind when you see a gingham print?

I will tell you… “Dorothy” from the Wizard of Oz or a basic tablecloth. Yeah??It is what we used to call boxed or checkered.

Outfit details

Gingham dress~Thrift

Strappy heels~Stalls along  Digo Road

Make-up by Mshy Make up

Photography by Kruz photography

From the catwalks to the high streets gingham was one of the most dominant trends on the runway. The classic black and white, to bold mixed with florals, gingham has literally hit the trend list for 2017.It is one of spring’s hottest prints.

Gingham might not be for everyone but I personally love it.I think it is one of the most playful prints that men and women can get away with wearing.

This gingham dress ticks all the right boxes for me as it has the cool “old school “vibe. The button-down detail at the front gives it more edge.With the fabric being a light weight, it makes it a good fit for that time when the temperatures turn upward.

I love this dress as i can style it in different ways- with flats or heels, i can even add a denim top on top (no pun intended)- throw in a denim jacket and it creates an outfit that i can rock to the office. Dress it up or down, with thigh high boots or a nice clean pair of sneakers for that feminine but modern look.

Gingham is not for the faint hearted as it is an eye-catching print that makes a statement on its own. Therefore one needs to go minimal on the accessories.

What are your thoughts on Gingham?Is it a print you can add to your closet?Tell me below

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Photography by Don Moses                                                  Shoot Location- The Fort Restaurant and pizzeria

I have come to the realisation that I absolutely prefer dresses over pants. Honestly, I cannot even remember the last time I wore pants-I find them to be uncomfortably hot and too restricting in this type of weather.Dresses for me are more comfortable and relaxing as I can move with ease and I don’t have to match up a bunch of clothing.

When I walked into a boutique and saw this dress I knew I had to have it. I did not care whether it fit perfectly or not -in fact, I did not even bother trying it on-I knew my tailor would sort me out in case that happens.

I am sure that you have noticed my slug in posting on this blog-writing and sharing content and maintaining my blog’s social presence has been a bit sporadic. I know! I know! I rang off this baby bright –eyed, bushy tailed and with a bang-if not totally full of hors d’oeuvres.It’s not that I have run out of ideas or the occasional negativity (though it can be a drag) but I am finding it pretty difficult to keep up the pace.

It has been tough balancing a busy day job, school (especially now that I am in my last semester) and blogging but what’s really changing for me is the conscious decision to give it more and more so find a better balance in my life.

I am beginning to realise that if I continue working on myself, no matter what I am going through-winter is coming-I will constantly strengthen my resolve.I want to use my obstacles and failures as an opportunity to polish my skills.

Just as a diamond cannot be polished without friction, neither can you fully develop your skills without them being tested by adversity.

I think Winston Churchill said it best when he noted, “The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Thank you for sticking around.


               Dress~The boutique                                   Heels~Stalls in town.


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