Happy New Month of June guys!!!

I am feeling a bit depressed today but i hope to be back to my normal self soon.It’s that time again, when we ‘take stock’ of our lives so:

Let’s dig right in!!

Making: still trying to finish the yarn hanging.

Drinking: nothing fancy!Just water!

Reading: the monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma.

Wanting: a debt-free status.Is this even possible!Yes! No?

Looking: for my misplaced camera memory card.

Playing: nothing currently.

Wasting: time going through online shopping sites.

Sewing: nothing..but sooon!

Wishing: we had more holidays!

Enjoying: this app.Finally i can pretend to be a bomb a** singer.

Waiting: for the weekend.

Liking: how disciplined i have become on matters spending.No impulse buying!

Wondering: how instagrammers like her and her  come up with themes for their instagram feeds.Any tips out here?

Loving: my new strappy heels from H& M.

Considering: doing this tag on my blog.What do you think?

Hoping: that nothing will hold me back from going forward.

Marvelling:at how fast time is moving.

Needing: to book a salon appointment.

Smelling: my perfume.

Wearing: head wraps more frequently these days.

Following: new ace bloggers. I need to network more.

Noticing: how my effort to post more is paying off!!

Knowing: that everything always works out eventually.No matter how long it takes.

Thinking: too much!!

Feeling:depressed.There is a major cloud hanging over my head right now.

Admiring: people who are always supportive and encouarging to me.

Getting: serious about healthy eating.So help me Lord!!

Bookmarking:interesting posts that i find when going through new blogs.

Opening: a tab with this.I really want to learn how to do it.

Giggling: at this.

Finally:Follow me Instagram ,like my page on  Facebook , follow me on Twitter 

And that is a wrap for May..What’s happening in your world?Let me know in the comments section.

Until next month, Love,Ladie Bee



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Happy new month beautiful humans!

In this moment in time i am:

Making: a yarn wall hanging that i will be sharing soon.

Drinking: lots of sodas lately.

Reading: lots of blog posts.

Wanting: lots of things that i can’t afford. Sob!!

Looking: forward to all that i hope to achieve this year.

Playing: Party nation.This song gets me in such a mood.

Wasting: hours binge-watching Being Mary Jane

Sewing: ha!!

Wishing: time would slow down.

Enjoying: the cool weather.

Waiting: to do an extreme room makeover this weekend.

Liking: the new dimension in Kenyan music.

Wondering: what to get my mama bear for Mother’s day.

Loving: myself more every day.

Considering: enrolling in short courses.

Hoping: that i win the Camon CX give away by Ms.Kibati and Tecno Mobile Kenya.

Marvelling: at my new home grown garden.I ticked aloe vera plant off my list.

Needing: to want less..

Smelling: cocoa butter.I freaking love it!!

Wearing:  dresses all day everyday.

Following: no-one.

Noticing: that i am getting fat gaining more weight.

Knowing: that this is going to be a good year.

Thinking: about the Buy Kenya Super Sale.

Feeling: happy that i am done with my first degree.

Admiring: pictures from my sister in-laws wedding.

Wondering: when i will get my big break.

Getting: irked at how pretentious people can get.

Bookmarking: tons of articles i have saved from face book but I’ve been too lazy to read. Bummer!

Opening: my eyes to new opportunities.

Giggling: not much giggling is happening.      


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Until next month, Love,Ladie Bee


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Happy new month awesome human!It is the 4th of April.My!How time flies.How did we get here?Anway in the spirit of capturing the moment here is my latest stock-taking.

Making: effort to wake up earlier and to give myself time to start the day less groggy.
Drinking: copious amounts of green tea.
Reading: Dress codes by Noelle Howey.It’s kind of, meh
Wanting: to tackle some projects around the house.Now if I could just find some motivation.
Looking: for good Easter Holiday deals online.
Playing:  Acapella songs on repeat.
Wasting: hours binge-watching the last few episodes of Haves and Have Nots.
Sewing: hmmmm…..
Wishing: my friend, Merecia was around.She recently moved cities.It is honestly not the same without her.
Enjoying: slightly cooler weather.
Waiting: for some down time this weekend to watch the new season of if loving you is wrong.
Liking: Mayonde’s latest jam.
Wondering: what  gift to get B for Easter.
Loving: a recent DIY project that i did.
Considering: doing more and more do it yourself projects.
Hoping: for good news from potential opportunities.
Marvelling: at my little brother turning twelve next month.He was just a toddler the other day; queue the whoa-i’m getting-old panic.
Needing: to schedule a hair appointment but still undecided because of this bipolar weather.
Smelling: not much of anything; I think my sinuses are stuffed with cotton balls.
Wearing:  dresses lately.I’m seriously considering changing my wardrobe.
Following: 2017 fashion trends closely.
Noticing: how long it has been since i had some girly time.
Knowing: that the coming months are going to be tough and exhausting unless a miracle happens.
Thinking: of making schedules and to -do -lists for the Easter weekend.
Feeling: lightheaded.
Admiring: how great people can be.
Wondering: if it will ever get colder.
Getting: a new cell phone Asap.
Bookmarking: a lot of hairstyles on Pinterest.
Opening: windows to enjoy the breeze.
Giggling: not really.

Have an ace April.See you in May.

Love,Ladie Bee


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Over the years I have gone from reading everything I could lay my hands on to barely reading anything at all. One of my goals for the year was to get back to reading.Even better,I have made a decision  to start a  book review segment where I will be doing a review and recommendations of the books that I have read. This way I will keep you informed and also keep track of my reading progress.

Today  I will be reviewing Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie! Read on to find out what it is all about.

Book: Purple Hibiscus

Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


Genres: Novel, Fiction

Themes: Purple hibiscus revolves around family, class disparities, tribal customs, politics, domestic violence and religion-the latter two taking centre stage.

Plot Summary: The story navigates around Kambili-a fifteen-year-old girl who lives with her family under the strict rule of her father who is a violent catholic patriarch, repressive, controlling and fanatically religious. Their father is a respectable generous man in the public eye but a monster behind closed doors who rules with an iron fist.Opinions are not welcome and silence and fear engulf the whole home as this is what keeps the peace.

As the country begins to fall apart under a military coup, Kambili’s father is forced to send her and her brother to their aunt’s place.While there they see a different side of life which they had never seen before. Happiness, love and laughter are the things that define their aunt’s home.This particular visit is the turning point.


Kambili: At fifteen, our main character is supposed to be enjoying her teenage life but she struggles with wanting to please her father and escaping his terror. It’s not an easy task as we see her sometimes falling short of his limitless expectation hence facing punishment. What I failed to understand was why Kambili was so adamant on pleasing a father who almost killed her while she sustained internal and head injuries.I tend to think that her behaviour is deeply rooted from her environment.

Kambili’s mother: She is one of the weakest and passive characters in the book. Time and again she is brutally beaten for reasons that are not divulged to us leading to miscarriages. She lives through the pain and is always polishing the ceramic figurines on the étagère. Polishing them is a way of calming herself and reorganizing her life after the disruption of Papa’s violence.It is only towards the end of the novel when we realize that she poisoned her husband.Kambili’s mother is a reflection of our African society where women are supposed to idolize men and adhere to rules even at the cost of violence.

Jaja: Kambili’s brother is quite the opposite. From the onset of the novel, he is sighted as defiant and rebellious when he refuses to go to communion. He bears disgust for his father’s mistreatment to his mother and sister and many times he tries to take cover them up by taking the blame.Towards the end of the novel, we see how he takes responsibility for his mother’s crime and is imprisoned.

Aunty Ifeoma is heaven sent. She is the voice of reason.Through her and her kids, the children realize that there is a lot more to the world than what their father has indoctrinated them into believing. Her home becomes a catalyst for Kambili and Jaja.And that is when the silence is lifted.


The high’s of the book: While reading it, i was in for an experience of storytelling heaven.The book is extremely engrossing, engaging and captivating.It takes you to the depths of Kambili’s life, and as you ride the waves, you are forced to empathise with her.Adichie created a story that reaches much further into our own African culture.

The low’s of the book: There were a few things in the book which did not gel well with me.Kambili’s love for her dad was extremely out of sync.She continued to idolize her father even after almost being beaten to death.It left me wondering whether by doing so maybe she thought he would change.The novels ending completely throws me off balance as I am not sure whether Jaja is freed or not. I was looking forward to a “happily ever laughter ending”.

General thoughts: I loved the journey this book took me on and i  will read more of this author. It is a powerful book full of universal themes that disregard borders and reflects real human journeys.

Would i recommend: Yes, it is a good fit for anyone who loves a good story.

Let me know what you think of the book if you have read it.

Until next time, Cheers.

Ladie Bee

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Happy new month beautiful readers,

We all have to agree that at times we have to unplug so as to connect.If you follow me keenly on social media then you must have noticed my absence.I felt sapped all efficiency and creativity and i took a break so as to rekindle my creative buds.And now that i am back i am doing a stock- take of where things are at.

Making: plans for Easter.
Drinking: lots of turmeric water.I hear turmeric has lots of benefits.
Reading: Dress codes by Noelle Howey.Not that i have begun it, though.
Wanting: the day to end already.
Looking: for marble self-adhesive paper.
Playing: jazz music as i write this post.
Wasting: time downloading new apps from play store.
Sewing: nothing really.
Wishing: for cooler weather.
Enjoying: writing new content.
Waiting: for the weekend.
Liking: the Oprah Winfrey Dailypedia i downloaded from play store.
Wondering: and disgusted at how ignorant people can get.
Loving: how i spent my February.It was so full of activities.
Considering: spending more time with my family.
Hoping: that the weather will get cooler.
Marvelling: at how creative people can be.
Needing: to buy new beauty products.
Smelling: nothing.
Wearing: my chiffon striped top that i realised i have outgrown.
Following: This vlog.It offers a lot of insight on Mombasa life.
Noticing: how short life is and that we should always be grateful.A close friend just lost her mum.
Knowing: that i am destined for greatness.
Thinking: of watching hidden figures at the cinema this weekend.
Feeling: supercharged.
Admiring: all the people on Instagram who do amazing stuff.
Wondering:  how the above people manage and whether they experience burnout.
Getting: excited about finishing school.
Bookmarking: more and more creative blogs.
Opening: a packet of potato chips.
Giggling: at this clip

I hope you have an incredible month.Ladie Bee


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Hello, beautiful people.

Inspired by one of my ace -bloggers This is ess(Her blog is temporarily unavailable) i decided to do my own taking stock series.Basically taking stock involves rounding up that which has been happening in your life lately whilst following some prompts.Without further dilly-dallying, let’s jump right in.shall we?

Making: it a habit to gift myself each month.
Watching: a lot of youtube beauty videos.
Reading: i am in the last chapter of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and then start on Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
Wanting: a new phone asap.(Blessers come through) *wink*
Looking: forward to valentines.Not that i have anything planned.haha!
Playing:4 pics 1 word.
Wasting: time going through photos from my last first shoot.
Sewing: nothing.
Wishing: for rain.The heat is too intense.
Enjoying: life
Waiting: on the next episode of haves and have-nots.I flipping love it.
Liking: my new hair.
Wondering: where i will be in the next five three years.
Loving: my new orange planner with African details.
Considering: moving out of my parent’s house.
Hoping: that i achieve my goals for the year.
Marvelling: at #thisismykenya advert on you tube.
Needing: time to myself.
Smelling: life(if such a thing exists).
Wearing: skirts lately.
Following: my savings challenge religiously.
Noticing: that some of these blanks are hard to fill.
Knowing: that i am made of awesome(this is a word that we coined at work )
Thinking: of content for my blog in the coming months.
Feeling: energised.It is a new month.
Admiring: my progress.
Buying: myself a new book.
Getting: my mojo on.
Bookmarking: this blog.
Opening: lots of tabs on my laptop.
Giggling: at nothing honestly.
Feeling: peaceful.

Happy February, May you see love all around you.



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