I can bet my last coin that we have all used Vaseline at some point in our lives. This bathroom cabinet staple is something of a wonder product and its powers go beyond soothing chapped and dry skin.

I have reached a point where my tub of Vaseline is not my lip moisturizer but my body lotion and make- up remover. This little tub of joy has done a lot of beauty wonders on my skin and I want to share my top ways in which i use Vaseline. Read on to find out how i include this versatile product into my beauty regimen.

  1. Long lasting fragrance

On a daily basis I rub in a little Vaseline on to my pulse points (wrists, ear neck, etc.) before spraying my perfume. This makes the scent last longer.

  1. To remove stuck things

When my zipper gets stuck. I simply apply a bit of Vaseline to the pesky notch, give it another hard tug. And boom!!

In the case that a ring is stuck on my finger (probability is I was trying out a friend’s ring…Lol.)I simply apply Vaseline around the tight ring and it easily glides off.

  1. Home manicure

Do you love a messy manicure? I thought so too. To avoid colour past my nail bed I seal the area around my nails with the jelly before using nail polish.Thereafter I peel off the excess around my nails. Applying Vaseline around the nail bed prevents the polish from sticking to my skin.

  1. Makeup Remover

Vaseline is my makeup remover as it is mild and soothing. Using a cotton pad dipped in Vaseline I gently massage it on my face and my makeup comes off easily. It leaves my skin feeling moist and smooth. Using Vaseline also helps moisturize my eyes which in turn reduces any chances of wrinkle appearance.

  1. Tame unruly eyebrows

I have big brows that are unruly and to make them stay in shape I just slick a pea- size amount of Vaseline across using my finger tip to keep them in place all day.

6. Moisturize my Feet.

Regularly I cover my feet in Vaseline and then cover them with cotton socks overnight. This makes them super soft in the morning.

  1. Clear Mascara

On the days that I run out of my mascara or when I am embracing a no-make up look I use my Vaseline. It leaves the lashes glossy and waterproof. Bonus tip: Word has it that applying Vaseline to your brows and lashes makes them longer and thicker. Give it a try!

  1. Ease in earrings

Occasionally earrings irritate me as my ears are sensitive. To avoid this I rub in a little Vaseline on to the lobes. I also apply a bit of Vaseline to the ends of earrings before pushing them into the hole making them go in easier.

  1. Shaving cream

When I run out of shaving cream I use Vaseline as it is also great for shaving. It leaves the shaved area so soft, smooth and moisturized. Tip: Vaseline can also be used to help relieve razor burn.

  1. Heal wounds

In case i get a scratch  I use Vaseline as it has moisture that is important in speeding up the healing process.

  1. Polish patent leather

When my leather bags, shoes, boots and purses need polishing, I dab some Vaseline on them and use a clean cloth to spread the jelly and buff them up. Vaseline also removes scuff marks on patent leather shoes.

  1. A substitute for body lotion

Vaseline is hands down the greatest moisturizer ever and I apply it on my whole body. It works exceptionally well in battling dryness leaving my skin healthy and younger. Before I started using Vaseline some areas on my body would still remain super dry and flaky even after using lotion. Using it has helped me get rid of my dry skin problem completely.

  1. As a lip balm.

Vaseline moisturizes my lips leaving them soft and giving an instant shine.

Well, That’s it for my top Vaseline uses.

Who else loves Vaseline like i do?How do you use your jelly?Share in the comment box below.

Cheers to the weekend loves.

Ladie Bee



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