I am Brenda Moraa AKA (Ladie Bee): a story teller, fashion lover by heart, a passionate reader and a perpetual wanderlust. Thank you for stopping by.

LADIEBEE is a lifestyle blog that seeks inspiration from all over: Food, travel, living and style to mention a few. This is my personal space which together we will share a lot of stuff about life: stories,travel,food,and everything I do in between.

I am inspired by the beauty of what I see around me.Looking keenly into space I see a world full of color and adventure that needs to be explored.

My decision to walk this journey has not been easy. It has been marred with waves of self-doubt, fear and self-sabotage thinking that am not capable but most importantly I stopped dreaming and  i am now doing!!

At first it seemed like an idealistic dream but it gives me the thrill just thinking about what’s about to happen. It makes me happy knowing that am on the right track. Am about to bring all my dreams into fruition.

Thank you  for visiting-Now let’s pitch tent!!


Ladie bee


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