So today is the 8th of August.The eagerly awaited day in our beloved Kenya.Well,before we go out and vote here is a little account of what i  have been up-to lately:

Making: porridge and sweet potatoes for breakfast. Healthy eating guys!!

Drinking:way too many bottles of  soft drinks.

Reading: I am still struggling to finish “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”. Please don’t judge me!However I have in my hands “Her Roots” which I am so excited to start on. I got it courtesy of Hali Oduor who had a giveaway on her Instagram.Thanks Girl.

Wanting: to finish writing this post so that I can go out and cast my vote.

Looking: up a plan for the weekend with B.Last weekend we were at the Forest Trail. I tried riding a bicycle for the first time. It was quite hilarious.I could swear I looked stupid!

Playing: 4 pictures 1 word with my brothers and we like it.I feel like it sharpens their minds to think deeply.

Wasting:time finding new recipes.B and I set out this new challenge for ourselves-cook something unique and unusual each week and we all have to play by the rules.

Sewing: something with the help of you tube tutorials. Not yet decided what I will be sewing but it’s really happening!

Wishing: I could do all the things that I want to do.

Enjoying: the new season of the Haves and Have nots.Who else is saddened by the fact that Candace son passed on.*sob*

Waiting: for my dad to finish breakfast so that we can go to the polling station together.

Liking: and subscribing to Amina Abdi’s  you tube channel now that i have bumped into it

Wondering: who will be our next president? Nevertheless praying for peace and sanity.

Loving: my new phone.Finally i can take decent pictures without  having to walk around with my camera.

Considering: getting a tattoo.Something that i have always wanted to do but i keep hesitating.

Hoping: to make the most of my time at home.I have four days off.Thanks to the elections.

Marveling:and secretly envying flexible people who can dance.Like these two here.

Needing: and wanting to seriously know how to dance.Does it make sense to say i like dancing but i don’t know how to.lol.

Smelling: of coconut and Shea butter thanks to Mosara Kenya!

Wearing: a Dirac around the house.Dirac’s are those long loose cotton dresses worn by most Islam women often in bright colors. I love them. They are free and comfortable.And i might be wearing them all through the week.

Following: this amazing photographer on Instagram.His work is out of this world.I am in awe.

Noticing:that the year is going by so fast and i am scared i haven’t accomplished all that i set out for myself.

Knowing:that i need to work on my spiritual life.Lately I have drifted away away from prayer and spiritual things.

Thinking: always thinking too much about everything. Sort of in a maze, trying to find a way out and inner peace.

Feeling:nervous but hopeful  about the outcome of the elections.Praying for peace and tranquility during this period.

Admiring: this lady Betty Kyalo. Speaking of her,have you read her story on the current issue of True Love Magazine. Make sure you grab a copy.

Getting:ready to leave the house.

Bookmarking: marvelous articles that I bump into as I never finish reading them in one go.

Opening:the microwave to warm up a piece of hot dog that i saved up from yesterday’s dinner.

Giggling:at nothing.

Finally:Follow me Instagram ,like my page on  Facebook , follow me on Twitter

This is my life lately.Over to you my peeps….

Remember to go vote guys. And vote wisely.

Until next month,Ladie Bee.

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