The last couple of days have been absolutely crazy as elections dominated the news and conversations.

The long road towards elections has finally ended. There are mixed reactions all over as some people are feeling either elated (because their candidate won) or disappointed (because their candidate lost).

All done and dusted, my hope is that all those who have assumed power create a difference.

Anyway that aside, let’s get back to the swing of things. Here’s the second post on how to style the converse sneakers.


Outfit details

Denim dress~Thrift

Beaded neckpiece~Maasai Market

White Converse~Gifted

Photography by Crystal Pictures

Not only do converse make outfits look trendy, but they are super-duper comfortable as well.

The first styling post went here.

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”   

-Nelson Mandela-

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So today is the 8th of August.The eagerly awaited day in our beloved Kenya.Well,before we go out and vote here is a little account of what i  have been up-to lately:

Making: porridge and sweet potatoes for breakfast. Healthy eating guys!!

Drinking:way too many bottles of  soft drinks.

Reading: I am still struggling to finish “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”. Please don’t judge me!However I have in my hands “Her Roots” which I am so excited to start on. I got it courtesy of Hali Oduor who had a giveaway on her Instagram.Thanks Girl.

Wanting: to finish writing this post so that I can go out and cast my vote.

Looking: up a plan for the weekend with B.Last weekend we were at the Forest Trail. I tried riding a bicycle for the first time. It was quite hilarious.I could swear I looked stupid!

Playing: 4 pictures 1 word with my brothers and we like it.I feel like it sharpens their minds to think deeply.

Wasting:time finding new recipes.B and I set out this new challenge for ourselves-cook something unique and unusual each week and we all have to play by the rules.

Sewing: something with the help of you tube tutorials. Not yet decided what I will be sewing but it’s really happening!

Wishing: I could do all the things that I want to do.

Enjoying: the new season of the Haves and Have nots.Who else is saddened by the fact that Candace son passed on.*sob*

Waiting: for my dad to finish breakfast so that we can go to the polling station together.

Liking: and subscribing to Amina Abdi’s  you tube channel now that i have bumped into it

Wondering: who will be our next president? Nevertheless praying for peace and sanity.

Loving: my new phone.Finally i can take decent pictures without  having to walk around with my camera.

Considering: getting a tattoo.Something that i have always wanted to do but i keep hesitating.

Hoping: to make the most of my time at home.I have four days off.Thanks to the elections.

Marveling:and secretly envying flexible people who can dance.Like these two here.

Needing: and wanting to seriously know how to dance.Does it make sense to say i like dancing but i don’t know how

Smelling: of coconut and Shea butter thanks to Mosara Kenya!

Wearing: a Dirac around the house.Dirac’s are those long loose cotton dresses worn by most Islam women often in bright colors. I love them. They are free and comfortable.And i might be wearing them all through the week.

Following: this amazing photographer on Instagram.His work is out of this world.I am in awe.

Noticing:that the year is going by so fast and i am scared i haven’t accomplished all that i set out for myself.

Knowing:that i need to work on my spiritual life.Lately I have drifted away away from prayer and spiritual things.

Thinking: always thinking too much about everything. Sort of in a maze, trying to find a way out and inner peace.

Feeling:nervous but hopeful  about the outcome of the elections.Praying for peace and tranquility during this period.

Admiring: this lady Betty Kyalo. Speaking of her,have you read her story on the current issue of True Love Magazine. Make sure you grab a copy.

Getting:ready to leave the house.

Bookmarking: marvelous articles that I bump into as I never finish reading them in one go.

Opening:the microwave to warm up a piece of hot dog that i saved up from yesterday’s dinner.

Giggling:at nothing.

Finally:Follow me Instagram ,like my page on  Facebook , follow me on Twitter

This is my life lately.Over to you my peeps….

Remember to go vote guys. And vote wisely.

Until next month,Ladie Bee.

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In this moment and time the only thing that matters as we so think is the elections.We are getting close to the elections and already bizarre things are happening. We are all holding our breaths praying that we shall not descend into mass violence again. Let’s all gather together and make a  collective effort to prevent clashes. Only then can we become agents for positive change in the world.

As we go to the polls let’s remember the remarkable progress we have made over the years. Let’s remain optimistic and encourage each other. Achieving peace requires the commitment of all Kenyans.From politicians to citizens.

Let us not shatter the hopes and dreams that we have for ourselves, our children and our country.

I believe in my country. I believe in Kenya. I am proud to be Kenyan.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

“Remember, each one of us has the power to change the world. Just start thinking peace, and the message will spread quicker than you think.” — Yoko Ono

After reading this message please don’t keep it to yourself.Share it  so that it gets to reach all corners of the world.Use the buttons below.

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