Top of the morning to you my pumpkins!

The taking stock post is way overdue-the site was undergoing maintenance -but it’s very important that we accomplish that which we began so, here’s a  little bit about where I’m at:

Making: a conscious effort to continually keep in touch with family and friends. Quite frankly I have detached myself severally but that’s definitely going to change.

Drinking: Fruit infused water right this moment.

(Still) Reading: the monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma.Shame on me!Honestly though I’ve been stuck in a bit of a reading rut.Those people who can genuinely maintain the reading magic without facing slumps have my admiration.

Wanting: success like never before.

Looking: for this

Marble Adhesive Film.I desperately need to use it in making a marble table  top for my flat lays.Anyone who knows where I can find them?

Playing: and enjoying all the covers of the Despacito song.Btw have you listened to the song yet?Let me be nice and share it with you here.The meru version is actually trending on you tube!!It’s at number 18 !!!Guys you need to watch it before you even proceed!!


Now that you have,let’s move ahead.

Wasting: time scrolling through social media since my laptop has refused to cooperate.

Sewing: uh….Still hopeful that at some point ì will.

Wishing: that my laptop could stop throwing tantrums and behave.aaaaaargh!!

Enjoying: the bonding moments wth my momma.This woman completes my world.That reminds me,have you watched the video of this boy/man  who gets to see his mum  and brother after ten years.Guys..wait!!.one ..two..three…ten freaking years!!The reaction is priceless.I wish i could share it but i cant seem to fnd it.bummer!

Waiting: for my book club meeting tomorrow evening.My friends and i recently started a book club called Friends and books.Basically to encouarge and motivate one other and of course to get one to read more books.

Liking: my new jeans and sandals that I got from Mr. Price for KES 500! I can’t wait to rock them.Thank God for friends who alert you when such cool deals take place.

Wondering: what the hype is all about with Game of throne series.

Loving: the person that I have become.I am at a place where success and happiness are my priority.

Considering: watching Game of thrones.I am always the curious type and it’s proper that i cure my curiosity.

Hoping: that I will not become a GoT convert!!Lol!

Marveling: at some fun new stuff that i recently  got. Can’t wait to share them with you on the blog.

Needing: to inject more energy into achieving my goals for 2017 compiled here.

Smelling: nail polish which I confused to be paint at first. Does anybody else get irked by the smell of nail polish and paint too? Any ideas on how one can get rid of these strong smells out here?

Wearing: and improving on my make-up skills. I am not perfect but overall I am enjoying the whole process.

Following: and catching up on several you tube videos that i missed.

Noticing: that I have carried the same handbag for over a month now!I try to change my  bags as often as possible but this time round it’s a  task too hard to perform.

Knowing: too well that i need to declutter my office desk but still ignoring that fact.

Thinking: way too much about everything.I need to take it slow.

Feeling: excited because my friend remembered to bring me some book marks that i had liked.It’s the little things guys!The little things that matter!

Admiring:  Nancie mwai’s room here from a distance.Her room is major goals.

Getting: good at ignoring all the people who threaten my joy. As they say “don’t pollute your body by absorbing the negative energy around you.”

Bookmarking:way too many tabs.I really need to delete some of them

Opening:a new pack of peanuts.

Giggling: at this.So much skill and energy right there.

Finally:Follow me Instagram ,like my page on  Facebook , follow me on Twitter

Thank you for checking in.

Love and Love

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And we are back!!!!!ohhhh boy!! It sure feels good to be back on this space!! Hope everyone’s having a great Friday. Thank you so much for being patient.

On today’s post I am talking about the good ol’ chuck Taylors or as we prefer to call them-converse. These shoes have been there for like forever and they are pretty much not going away anytime soon. They automatically complement every avenue of personal style from punk to prep.To prove to you just how insanely versatile they are I thought it would be fun putting together outfits showing some of the many ways in which you can style them.

So here we go with the first styling. Doesn’t this combo just look delightful?

Outfit details

Chambray top~Thrift

Black pants~Thrift

White Converse~Gifted

Photography by Crystal Pictures

Well that’s it for today. Look out for other posts on styling the converse sneakers.

Enjoy your weekend.

“Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome.”


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