Bustier tops were traditionally hidden under outfits or reserved for the bedroom.

But they have somehow found their way out of their and onto the runways. They have taken over the street style and come in every shade, silhouette and neckline. They are trendy, sexier and feminine and can be paired with everything from oversized white shirts to maxi skirts, pencil skirts, pants and shorts.

Outfit details

Black Pants~Gifted

Bustier top~Serinda Fashions

White shirt~Thrift

Make- up by Touch By Laura

Photography by Crystal Pictures

Getting my bustier in a floral print was a win for me because floral prints are everthing.For this look I paired mine with my black pants which  I’ve worn way more than I care to admit. The mid-rise waistline of these pants and stretchy fabric makes them ultra-flattering and perfect for wearing all day.

Fashion Tip. In the case that you are conscious of showing too much skin then you can always throw on a top to get more coverage.

Have you tried taking your bustier out of the bedroom and onto the streets, let me know in the comment section.?

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Og Mandino


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