Happy Tuesday terrific humans.

Sorry that there have been fewer posts than normal recently-Quite honestly I was ironing out some techie details for the blog and I needed to put some serious effort into that …Normal programming should return from now on!

The key to starting of the day on a good note is getting the right outfit ready the night before.

I usually plan my weekly outfits in advance to avoid the morning confusion and madness.I try out all outfits before-hand to make sure they all come together without last-minute surprises.

Looking impeccable, I feel empowered to tackle the tasks I have throughout the day. Being smart can always elevate your mood and pump up your energy levels to face the day.


Outfit details

Skirt~Boutique along the CBD

Coat and Camisole~C & K Boutique

Strappy heels~same here.

Make- up by Touch By Laura.

Photography by Crystal Pictures.

Today’s look is sassy and sophisticated. I enjoy having fun with my outfits hence the infusion of colors and patterns.

Fashion tip: Always wear at least one statement piece, clash styles, use a classy look for a start base and then add items according to your personality and job.

May your week be full of grace.

 ‘If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.’

H.G. Wells

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