Happy new month beautiful humans!

In this moment in time i am:

Making: a yarn wall hanging that i will be sharing soon.

Drinking: lots of sodas lately.

Reading: lots of blog posts.

Wanting: lots of things that i can’t afford. Sob!!

Looking: forward to all that i hope to achieve this year.

Playing: Party nation.This song gets me in such a mood.

Wasting: hours binge-watching Being Mary Jane

Sewing: ha!!

Wishing: time would slow down.

Enjoying: the cool weather.

Waiting: to do an extreme room makeover this weekend.

Liking: the new dimension in Kenyan music.

Wondering: what to get my mama bear for Mother’s day.

Loving: myself more every day.

Considering: enrolling in short courses.

Hoping: that i win the Camon CX give away by Ms.Kibati and Tecno Mobile Kenya.

Marvelling: at my new home grown garden.I ticked aloe vera plant off my list.

Needing: to want less..

Smelling: cocoa butter.I freaking love it!!

Wearing:  dresses all day everyday.

Following: no-one.

Noticing: that i am getting fat gaining more weight.

Knowing: that this is going to be a good year.

Thinking: about the Buy Kenya Super Sale.

Feeling: happy that i am done with my first degree.

Admiring: pictures from my sister in-laws wedding.

Wondering: when i will get my big break.

Getting: irked at how pretentious people can get.

Bookmarking: tons of articles i have saved from face book but I’ve been too lazy to read. Bummer!

Opening: my eyes to new opportunities.

Giggling: not much giggling is happening.      


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Until next month, Love,Ladie Bee


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