Happy new month awesome human!It is the 4th of April.My!How time flies.How did we get here?Anway in the spirit of capturing the moment here is my latest stock-taking.

Making: effort to wake up earlier and to give myself time to start the day less groggy.
Drinking: copious amounts of green tea.
Reading: Dress codes by Noelle Howey.It’s kind of, meh
Wanting: to tackle some projects around the house.Now if I could just find some motivation.
Looking: for good Easter Holiday deals online.
Playing:  Acapella songs on repeat.
Wasting: hours binge-watching the last few episodes of Haves and Have Nots.
Sewing: hmmmm…..
Wishing: my friend, Merecia was around.She recently moved cities.It is honestly not the same without her.
Enjoying: slightly cooler weather.
Waiting: for some down time this weekend to watch the new season of if loving you is wrong.
Liking: Mayonde’s latest jam.
Wondering: what  gift to get B for Easter.
Loving: a recent DIY project that i did.
Considering: doing more and more do it yourself projects.
Hoping: for good news from potential opportunities.
Marvelling: at my little brother turning twelve next month.He was just a toddler the other day; queue the whoa-i’m getting-old panic.
Needing: to schedule a hair appointment but still undecided because of this bipolar weather.
Smelling: not much of anything; I think my sinuses are stuffed with cotton balls.
Wearing:  dresses lately.I’m seriously considering changing my wardrobe.
Following: 2017 fashion trends closely.
Noticing: how long it has been since i had some girly time.
Knowing: that the coming months are going to be tough and exhausting unless a miracle happens.
Thinking: of making schedules and to -do -lists for the Easter weekend.
Feeling: lightheaded.
Admiring: how great people can be.
Wondering: if it will ever get colder.
Getting: a new cell phone Asap.
Bookmarking: a lot of hairstyles on Pinterest.
Opening: windows to enjoy the breeze.
Giggling: not really.

Have an ace April.See you in May.

Love,Ladie Bee


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