2016 was an amazing year!So much learning and loving.I cried behind close doors and shared laughs upfront.It was the year that i began my blog after so much hesitance.The year of self discovery.I learnt the importance of being my own sunshine and staying true to myself.

As is the norm, with the year fresh and new we all attempt  to set resolutions.It surely feels uplifting to begin a new plan as we have been offered a clean slate to begin on.However,with time the novelty wears off and we get bored and discouraged as unexpected events throw us off balance.Dissapointedly one day of missing the goal then leads to missing the next and the day thereafter until we are defeated and we abandon the goal.Being a member of “team new year resolutions” i laid out several yearly resolutions but mid February,most of them  lost steam and it was  back to business as usual.

In 2017 i want to make a difference.I want to keep kicking.To put one foot in front of the other and refocus my energy on positive vibes.#positivevibes2017 by Janet Mbugua.I set out to look for how other people motivated themselves and i stumbled upon Chris Brogan who gave me the splendid idea of coining three words.These words  will encourage me to create a behavior and a way of life that i wish to have.After much soul searching, i settled on savings,Adventure and Stretch as my three words for 2017.


Yes,you read right.Savings is one of those things that i have fallen short of and i have devoted 2017 to saving money.To stay motivated i have joined the #52weekssavingchallenge by Rookie Manager.This is my first attempt and I am hopeful that i will remain disciplined.I have already printed out the chart,pinned it on my board and activated my locks savings account.If you are already in the #52weekchallenge lets encourage each other.If not, how about you give it a try.


We only have one chance at life and as such we need to utilize it.As cliche as this may sound this is the brutal truth.As we speak i am already culling up my bucket list for 2017.I want to travel and explore more.Visit both old and new places.Travelling will give me a chance to unwind and recharge and discover new aspects about myself.And yes!engage in those adrenaline-pumping adventures.From hiking and biking to kayaking and climbing.Additionally i want to restore my reading habits.Reading will invigorate me and sharpen my mind.I want to ensure that my reading takes precedence over Tv.One book a month maybe?I am currently reading The Alchemist by Paul Coelho.Somebody once joked that there should be a holiday dedicated to reading books.As in every one drops their busy schedules,some work places are closed and people are home in bed reading books.National Reading Day.How cool is that though?


Driven by my drive for growth and success,i want to propel myself to stretch beyond limits.I want to step out of my comfort zone,find new opportunities and swim in them if it feels right to do so.I refuse to be “fine”.I want to be great,to be excellent,to be amazing,to be..(insert another synonym here). In 2017 i am following my heart and living my life in such a way that i will not have regrets.It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting and as such i want to nurture my dreams and fulfill them.

Well,there you have it.My guiding principles for 2017.#SAS2017 #savings #adventure #stretch.

What are your intentions for the year?Care to coin some three words of your own?Feel free to share in the comment box below.

Happy 2017

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